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The Global Tax Network (GTN) social cause was adopted as a way to inspire everyone to give back. We dedicate ourselves to a cause that the team is passionate about, and we come together to make a positive difference. Currently, we’re focused on education—an area that is incredibly special to the entire GTN team. Education has the ability to positively influence so many and can inspire all of us to do great things—not only in our professional lives, but also for our friends, families, and communities.

Education plays a vital role and impacts everyone in some capacity; it increases income, reduces poverty, and boosts economic growth. More importantly, aside from the financial gain education can provide, it also gives children hope as they learn and plan for a brighter future. It provides individuals with the skills required to face real-life challenges. Education is the reason so many of us on the GTN team are able to solve the complex challenges brought to us by clients, and we are incredibly grateful for our educational backgrounds.

On a more personal note, education ties directly to some of our core values:

  • Seek growth—we are committed to continuing our professional and personal learning.
  • Play well with others—education raises awareness and reduces barriers.

For GTN’s social cause, we will be supporting education in a big way. For every new GTN corporate client, we will provide a year of school for one girl. Each donation will help pay for the books and other supplies necessary for a girl to attend school for an entire year, along with any associated fees. Our donations will be made through the International Rescue Committee, an organization that is dedicated to providing clean water, shelter, healthcare, education, and empowerment support to refugees and displaced people. They are working in more than 40 countries and in 25 US cities to achieve this mission.

Additionally, our new social focus will have an impact on the charities we support through our annual Beards and Braids for Busy Season event, as well as the charitable activities we support during our all-firm annual conference in August. According to the Global Partnership for Education, in 2017, 262 million school-aged children were not in school. Additionally, four out of 10 children in the primary school age range will never enter a classroom. We want to do our part to ensure statistics like these continue to decline.

Education affects us all, and there are so many ways we can help. We’re honored to be able to be part of such a positive mission.

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Author Gretchen Lohmann

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