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August 2019: A Look Into Business Travelers -  Canada, the UK, & the US - Part 1

If you manage the business travelers for your company, you have likely seen articles and blogs about the trends of managing business traveler risks. While these articles tend to focus on the use of technology, the need for tracking your employees, the interaction with internal departments with vested interests, and what to do with all the data that is available, they don’t really cover what you need to think about in the earlier stages: How to build the business case, How to manage complexity, and What will all this mean for the business

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June 2019: Communicating Tax Matters to Your Mobile Employees

Let’s face it, many people find taxes to be intimidating—why else would so many people procrastinate for so long when it comes to filing their taxes? The issue is even more pronounced when taxpayers are dealing with multiple taxing jurisdictions. Providing effective communications to your employees throughout an international assignment can go a long way in helping to remove some of the pain and mystery from the tax filing process.

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May 2019: The Importance of Good Decision-Making in Global Mobility

Everyone wants to make good decisions – from choosing the school that is right for your kids or what food is right for your body. But what about when it comes to your business? Are you thinking the same way? The decisions you make for your business will impact you, your company, and your employees.

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April 2019: Post-Tax Season Checklist for Your Global Mobility Program

Now that the tax busy season is over, take time for yourself to relax, begin your spring-cleaning, and review this past tax season with a post-tax season checklist. Taking time now to review this past tax season for your company's mobility program will allow you and your tax provider to be better prepared for a smoother tax season next year.

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March 2019: Foreign Bank Account Reporting for Mobile Employees

Evolving US case law and US Department of Justice scrutiny make it critical for taxpayers to understand and comply with the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) rules. Tracy Novotny, Director in GTN’s West Central region, outlines key questions and answers relating to FBAR filing requirements. By understanding the rules and taking appropriate steps to achieve compliance, you can safely maintain your non-US accounts and have peace of mind.

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February 2019: Accounting for Tax Costs of an International Assignment

When a company sends an employee on a tax equalized assignment, the company agrees to cover the worldwide incremental tax obligations for that employee due to the assignment. Without proper planning and processes, the total costs for the company, or the timing of the tax payments, can result in some very unpleasant surprises. Below we discuss different options to account for the tax costs of international assignments and provide guidance on how to minimize surprise tax payments.

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January 2019: Considerations and Requirements When Providing Equity Income to Your Mobile Employees

By understanding the tax and legal requirements and by monitoring the changing legislative landscape, your organization can effectively manage risk and utilize equity income to drive business results.

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December 2018: 2018 US Year-End Payroll for Mobile Employees Update

There are five US payroll matters we recommend you review before finalizing the 2018 payroll for your mobile employee population. Taxation of moving expenses, income inclusion for employer-provided tax preparation services, use of fiscal year cut-off for compensation reporting purposes, tax and payroll treatment for employee payments, and tax gross-ups through Form W-2c.

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November 2018: Managing Global Assignment Risk

While companies are increasing global relocations, attempting to balance both cost control and growth, countries are responding in kind by tightening regulatory compliance for cross-border assignments and business travelers. The increase in global relocation in the face of increased scrutiny has resulted in heightened risk for those managing mobility programs.

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October 2018: Human Resources and Managing the Risks of Business Travelers

The role of Human Resources for managing the tax risks of business travelers affects many different functions within a company. Risks that can damage the reputation of both the company and individuals, and is often incredibly time consuming to resolve.

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September 2018: Managing Global Payroll Risk for Mobile Employees

If you are a global company, chances are you have mobile employees traveling to and from different parts of the world, undoubtedly generating various related expenses. For most globally mobile companies, there are certain policies in place that help ensure compliance of these expenses both within the US and around the world. However, for some of these policies, this can prove to be a bit challenging.

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August 2018: Payroll Delivery Considerations for your Global Mobility Program

Generally, there are three ways to administer payroll for an internationally mobile employee. Home country payroll delivery, Host country payroll delivery, and Split payroll delivery. In this month's article, we provide details for each payroll delivery method.

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