10 Reasons to Create a Global Mobility Program for Your Company

Thanks to today’s ever-evolving technology, markets are becoming more and more global. Time zones and borders are not as relevant and we can now work simultaneously with our colleagues across all corners of the world. However, some things are better accomplished in a more direct, personal way. Sometimes, you need a person on the ground in order to get the job done right. 

Five Key Facts Companies Should Know Before Sending Employees Abroad

Companies that plan to send employees outside of their Home country should first know about the possible tax complexities that may result from the use of an international workforce. Here are five things employers need to know before sending employees abroad.

Questions an Employee Should Ask Before Accepting an International Assignment

An employee is likely to see an offer of an international assignment as a vote of confidence from an employer and an opportunity for career advancement. However, there are a number of questions the mobile employee should ask of his or her employer prior to accepting the international assignment, especially when it comes to questions related to regulatory requirements (e.g., immigration, tax compliance) and compensation and benefits issues in both the employee’s Home and Host countries.

10 Reasons to Create a Global Mobility Program for Your Company

Global Mobility Programs – A win-win solution for both you and your mobile employees